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Sunday, April 25, 2010

definitely not the last post.

hi my avid readers.

Yes I am talking to BOTH of my followers, but not to be snobby I also welcome those people who have stumbled upon this magnificent page and those who regularly check it hoping in vain for new content.

Well for the latter of those people life is indeed looking up for you as here is new content, and you better enjoy it because it took a lot of umming and ahhing and a little bit of not knowing what I was doing to make this post. You see.... I forgot my password. Simple in theory to change, but one thing was holding me back. My webmail server has this little button hidden at the top of the page that in itself says check mailbox. Now what I didn't realise was that just refreshing my browser achieved nothing as for some unknown reason ( I blame space alien/gods/parasites) this particular webmail only checkes its own server when a special button asks politely. Not when I demand it. It is all high and mighty hidden away in its secure little hidey hole somewhere really secret sucking up lots of electricity, and being lazy.

In the end I reset my password and before you ask it isn't kitten1 (or is it?)

Now for the actual post.

This last week has been a verifiable hell. It started when the landlord came down from paradise for what I think was a trip that's sole purpose was to annoy me.

The first words uttered were
"great this place is lit up like a christmas tree. If the power bill goes up at all I am going to increase your rent.'
Now before you all make tisking noises and shame me for not being environmentally friendly allow me to list the lights that I left on:
the front light to assist them in entering the house.
the stairway and landing light to assist their treck up the stairs to their room
the kitchen and dining room light as that was where the tv was and I was playing games
the outside light because I had been going in and out for cigarettes because... well you know how tobacco and alcohol mix.

For those of you with diplomas and stuff you might have the aptitude to count the number of lights that were on. yes five (see I tricked you the kitchen and dining room have seperate lights). That is quite a reasonable number I might add.

Things only got worse as her entire clan arrived and overun the house, which whilst technically theirs on paper was mine and my fellow housemates' as long as we continued to pay rent, which we did. My cheap television was left on all the time by them (which really puts a dent in the whole lights=electricity bill argument doesn't it), I was not allowed to watch my shows, and my god do they make lots of noise at all hours of the day.

They also ate my snacks, drank my soft drink, used my butter (not that cheap one dollar buys a kilo bad margarine stuff, but four dollars for about half a kilo easily spread actual flavoursome butter)

This woman has no idea about how to run a rental property. Essentially the house is her's insofar that she gets money from it and can expect it to be maintained to the standard that it was LET out at. It is not her's to dictate what lights are left on or off, and if they expect me to weed the garden that was not been tended in over a year, they WILL be billed for my time at a reasonable rate for an untrained labourer at fifteen dollars an hour. so if it takes me more than say a day, I will not pay rent for a week. woot.

I also asked for a little contract to be written up to give me some boundaries, and a little protection. Nope. turns out that she wants to reserve the right to tell me to leave at a moments notice. However she expects me to give her two weeks notice before leaving. let me tell you this my audience. that is most certainly not going to happen. she will find out when the rent stops flowing and my stuff is gone. look for my next post on the theory I have that all laws are based on a trade off between security and ability.

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  1. Welcome back babe. I think.

    Word: imboot. Let that be a warning.