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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The joys of a screwed bodyclock

Well my bodyclock is screwed. Nothing will fix it. Except maybe a coma. Has anyone ever tried fixing a body's internal time keeping mechanism through massive brain trauma? I would be totally up for being a guinea pig if it means that I have normal waking hours.

A wise man once told me.
Energy drinks will screw your life up. I think that wise man was my common sense. Which went out the window the moment I considered that it would momentarily increase my mental alertness and waking time all while tasting great. This was at 10pm. Now most people would be thinking at this time that it wouldn't be the best idea to have something that keeps you awake for hours. Not me. I just thought oh my god delicious! So I proceeded to drink the recommended maximum amount of caffeine for a 24 hr period after three coffees and a couple of cola drinks already.

This worked out well for two hours when I still had stuff to do online. Then I quickly got bored. So I went to bed. Only then did I realise my mistake. The realisation slowly came upon me. I am not going to get any sleep. It was depressing. So I cracked out my trusty DS, and played some entertaining games. This was fun for a few hours.

The time was 3 am. I had gleaned all the entertainment I could out of my computer, my DS and from nicotine. This was dire times. The worst part was that the mental alert was running out, so I was a sad, hyperactive, tired mess.

I don't know what time I eventually drifted off, but the last time indication I had was hearing garbage trucks driving past. After a very quick fact finding mission I found out that the EARLIEST that these trucks go past is 5 am. OMG. 5 am.

A quick calculation reveals that to get the recommended 8 hours of sleep, I would have to have woken up later that mid day. For those astute among you I will let you know that I have been up for an hour, and it isn't even 11 am.

I am so tired.

Something about cans... I cannot totally remember it through my sleep deprivation .


  1. Poor baby. I think you should start going to caffeinoholics anonymous meetings.

    Your body clock was alright when I was down, if you consider going to sleep at 3am and waking up between 9 and 12 as 'alright'.

  2. shinxy that sounds normal to me...

  3. i second that... Who needs sleep when there is the internet, V and pokemon.

  4. Okay, I'm going to sound like a total buttoned-up prude who's absolutely no fun but....

    Caffeine is really bad for you! And those energy drinks taste like piss. As someone who doesn't really understand the appeal of fizzy drinks or coffee or energy drinks of any kind, I just don't get why people drink them..

    Then again, you do also smoke.

    Advice: Skip the coma, and skip the energy drinks. Red Bull does not give you wings, just insomnia.

  5. Anon 2 - Who are you? I like your philosophy!

  6. hey shinxy, i'm glad you like me... your approval means so much. To you i will always be Anon 2
    Love Anon 2

  7. Anon 2...Mewtwo's laughter is making me sus. This means you are probably someone who I loathe in real life. Is this true Anon 2? I mean, I was all ready to leave Mewtwo for you but now I'm not so sure.

  8. hey Shinxy, nope just like pokemon, apparently Mewtwo and you do too i'm guessing. You write well, maybe i should get you to write one of my many essays i have on the woodwork.
    The reason i stay anonymous is I like to come and go as i please, not really into committing to things atm.
    Hope you (and Mewtwo as well) are having a good weekend and look forward to reading your blogs

    With love,
    Anon 2

  9. Aww. Okay Anon 2. I'm just a very paranoid person.

    Thank you, I like writing. What sort of essays do you need to write?

    I am having a good weekend, thank you. I have no clue how Mewtwo is. I hope your weekend has been good too.



  10. Anon 2,

    I found out who you are. Get the FUCK away from my boyfriend. And how DARE you be affectionate with him when I'm right there? And then crack the shits about me not being okay with it? He is MY boyfriend and I am NOT okay with him fucking you. BACK OFF.