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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


all right people.

A lot has happened these past few days, and it has been soooooo busy that I have run myself into the ground and haven't had the energy to sit on my big muscular rear end and write you all an entertaining blog post.

So here is an apology

Sorry my avid readers

Back to the show at hand.

I fixed my body clock. hooray. Only to have that come crumbling down at about two in the morning on Sunday. There was a family emergency and I was called in as emergency baby sitting. which wasn't too bad. The worst part was waiting up until 4 am to find out any news on the matter, then thinking screw it and went to bed. I got one glorious hour of sleep before being woken up with news, then was kept up by a verbal altercation. It was both loud and scary so I thought that my presence was definitely required just in case my infinitely strong intervention was required. Which it wasn't.

Anyway I then drove The Little Man back to his dad's place of residence, resulting in me getting home at about 0830 am. I then slept all day. So all that hard work in fixing my body clock was wasted :(

Monday was also pretty uneventful, Tuesday (yesterday for those keeping score at home) I got MY stuff moved into my new home... Oh yeah... Readers I now live in a house with carpet, central heating a decent kitchen, a full bathroom. Yes it is a real house. I am sad about my factory, but screw it I have a BATH now.

Anyway got my stuff in last night which was awesome, now I do not have to blow up the thing I sleep with every night. I have a real bed with a real mattress, and real blankets. Though I have no desk so blogging is increasingly difficult.

Today I woke up with a headache that was over 9000 big. That is a huge number for a huge amount of pain. Just huge. Like bigger than Texas. and Texas is the size of one Vistoria (which in Australia is one of our SMALLEST states. suck it USA (sorry to all my American readers, I think you are lovely people and are a very interesting culture)) Ergo I spent most of today curled up in the feotal position begging the pain monster to go attack shinx instead :P

However my saviour came in the form of nurofen plus. that stuff is the bomb.

Anyway this post has been an effort. I have not told you my fans about my forays onto the roads where everyone else is crazy on the roads. But thats another story


  1. Glad to see you are back :)
    hope the headache buggers off

  2. Don't make the pain monster come and attack me! That's meeeen, Joebless Hobo!

    It's nice to know where you've been for the past five days, I was getting a bit worried sweetheart.

    See you tomorrow,

  3. oh my god I just figured out how to schedule posts!!!